Services Include:

  • LGBT History Planning and Professional Learning
  • Planning and Discernment
  • Research and Surveys
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation and Support Structures
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Customized Research and Reports
  • Cost Analysis
  • Partnership and Sustainability Options

Online Learning VISIONS collaborates with schools, school districts, educational agencies, and colleges for planning and implementation of online and blended learning courses for students as well as strategic professional learning for administrators and teachers regarding LGBT history. We can help your institution leverage the power of online learning as well as building on your knowledge from idea to collaborative planning to strategic plan and implementation to long-term sustainability. We believe that every student should have access to high quality online courses and that every student should see themselves in the curriculum. Ultimately, we know that students are more engaged in learning when they see themselves in the curriculum.

Online Learning News

November 24th
Welcome to EMBL e-learning. We are developing new e-learning content that features research carried out and technologies used at EMBL. This will ...
November 24th
Our online learning technology is fully interactive, award-winning and ... Our online students not only have access to the University of Edinburgh's ...
November 24th
Our online learning technology is fully interactive, award-winning and enables you to communicate with our highly qualified teaching staff from the ...
November 24th
The Umno Supreme Council member said Trump won the US elections last year because Americans were tired of leaders who were constantly ...
November 24th
to learn Martial Arts. she likes to watch it and just karate for kids video. Online Free Videos - Free Videos. Program Catalogue Take advantage of 25 ...
November 24th
Online Learning market report provides analysis of the Global Online Learning market, with detailed analysis of market size and growth, market share and economic impact of the industry. The analysis includes the market by value, by volume, by replacement …
November 24th
Experts suggest that by changing the places you study in can lead to ... be surprised to see how much wealth of learning material is available online.
November 24th
Students searching for Why Choose Online Learning: Overview for Prospective Students found the following information and resources relevant and ...
November 24th
Present day parents, especially in the backwaters, fail to understand that learning English is a process that takes years to come to fruition. Some are clueless, preferring to dump their children in tuition centres hoping for the best. They assume that pi…
November 24th
He recently won a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching grant to study the approach in Finland early next year. ... So, yes they might be learning a math standard or language arts standard, but the skill of working in a team and using an online resou…

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